Deadly Premonition Wiki

Shadows are blind so it is possible to sneak by them unharmed if York holds his breath. This won’t always work however and fails if York’s already been spotted or they are already on top of him. When Shadows get close enough they will grab York and attempt to crawl inside his mouth which kills him instantly.

Unlike the unarmed Shadows, Armed Shadows will just attack York with their weapon until he dies. It’s possible to make them drop their weapon and when that happens they act like a normal Shadow and grab will York and attempt to crawl inside his mouth to kill him instantly.


They are weak against fire and if they are already ablaze from walking through a ring of fire you just need to shoot them once and they will die instantly. If you shoot an exploding barrel near a large cluster and they will all catch fire and quickly die.

You can tell when an Armed Shadow intends to shoot their shotgun by the glowing ball of light right before they fire. Shoot or hit them repeatably so they won’t get a chance to get a shot off.

When using a firearms aim for the Shadow’s head. Multiple blows there will hinder their progress towards York and make grabbing him impossible.

Melee weapons are really effective as well but it’s easier for groups to overwhelm you since you can’t keep at a distance.