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At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist. Even if it means losing someone that you love.

-Xander's advice to his son.

Brian Xander Morgan is Agent Francis York Morgan's father. He was a detective who was known for his talents in profiling. Although he possessed a stoic demeanor, he clearly loved his wife, Valentine Morgan, and son. Despite not showing any signs of mental illness or any murderous urges, he killed his wife and then himself one day in front of his son. The police were unable to determine his motive.

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During York and Zach's switch and Zach's escape from the Red Room, he discovers that his father did not actually kill his mother. Forrest Kaysen had implanted his red seeds in her stomach, forcing a red tree sapling to grow and eventually kill her. Xander was unable to shoot her and stop the tree's growth. He gave some words of advice to his son, Zach, before taking his own life in front of him and Kaysen. Template:Trivia • Xanders model is Yorks old beta model with his face blackened

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Expect no praise. You did nothing but your duty."
  • "Let her go!"
  • "Remove that sapling from her body, Kaysen!"
  • "NO--!"
  • "Yet... I, I couldn't do it. However, you can. When the time comes and you have to make that decision. Make the right one. OK, Zach?"
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