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Brian the Insomniac, voiced by Andrew Ceglio.

Brian is the local grave keeper who suffers from insomnia and often mumbles to himself.. He appears once at the Greenvale Community Center but is only ever seen in the graveyard there after. This goes against his plea that he cannot leave the graveyard. Of all the other inhabitants of Greenvale, he is the most physically eccentric. His skin is very pale, his dark undereye circles are very pronounced and his speech is stuttered. Despite this, he is one of the more friendly people in town.


  • Brian lives in a house that utilizes gothic architecture, which greatly contrasts the modern, cheerful houses around him.
  • Completing Brian's sidequest will give you access to his house, where you have to destroy various parts of his property to get...a flamethrower.
  • The credits list his voice actor as Andrew Ceglio.
  • He will either into his shed at the graveyard during bad weather. His name will sometimes be visible from the outside, but the player cannot enter to speak with him. Or he will run around the outside with his armed outstretched and is palm faced upwards, catching the rain.
  • It's implied that Brian also has the ability to see the dead, much like the Ingram twins. He will comment about George's absense among the girls in the forest during the epilogue.
  • After you complete the Seven Bones side mission leave and return to the graveyard. Checking the now re-buried grave from which the dogs stole the bones from Brian's side-quest reveals that the tombstone reads "Brian XXXX" and shows that the occupant died in 1956. This implies that Brian is actually dead but able to manifest in the real world as opposed to solely in the Other World (or is just undead).
  • According to a news clipping decoration in the Japanese/Korean manual Brian may also have been a victim of a hit and run.
  • In The Director's Cut the piano player in Galaxy of Terror has pronounced undereye circles resembling Brian's. It's purely a resemblance, though, as immediately after watching Carol sing the piano player stays on stage and you can find Brian at his regular place in the graveyard.
  • Brian's name may be a reference to Brian Allgeier, who worked on the Ratchet and Clank series from Insomniac Games.

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