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Carol MacLaine
Carol at the town meeting.
Hair Color
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Bar Owner and Singer
Amy Rubinate (Speaking)
Misako Yamashita (Singing)

Carol MacLaine is the owner of and singer at the Galaxy of Terror bar. She is also the younger sister of Thomas MacLaine. Despite her strained relationships with most of the townsfolk, she maintains a very close bond with her older brother.

Carol's Role - The Fourth Murder[]

Agent Francis York Morgan and Emily Wyatt stumble across Carol in the Other World version of her bar, with her tongue missing and her mouth full of red seeds. She writes out on the floor, in her own blood, that both she and Thomas were merely substitutes for Emily in George Woodman's twisted game, finally pinning the murders on him. She then attacks Emily in a fit of rage and shoves red seeds down the deputy officer's throat. After a brief struggle, she succumbs to her wounds and dies. It is later revealed that Carol was the one who came up with the idea for a secret club, used to draw Anna Graham and Becky Ames into George's net.


  • Carol's trading card states that she is 20 years old, making her quite accomplished for someone who can't legally drink yet in the USA.
  • Carol seemed to have a soft spot for Anna, as her only emotional moment before her death was when telling Agent York about her the first time.
  • Jack the Raging Bull thought that Carol was the most attractive woman around. The player can talk to Thomas to get a side quest into Carol's stalker problem. Jack would appear near the front of the bar to watch her sing on clear nights.

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