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A more detailed list of the characters of Greenvale can be found here.

Deadly Premonition[]

The Investigators[]

Francis York Morgan[]

The playable character. An FBI Special Agent that is sent out to investigate the most bizarre of cases. While he has a lot of strange mannerisms, he is an excellent field profiler. He's passionate about the cases he investigates and a huge fan of drinking his daily cup of coffee.

Just call him 'York'. That's what everyone calls him.

A younger York returns as the protagonist of the sequel, which deals with a case he worked on during 2004 before the events of the first game.

Emily Wyatt[]

One of Greenvale's deputy sheriff's. She moved to the town during her high school years and eventually joined the police force. She assists George and York in the investigation of Anna's murder. She's a terrible cook.

George Woodman[]

The Sheriff of Greenvale. George is dedicated to keeping peace and order in Greenvale. Considers himself to be the 'King' of Greenvale. He's currently trying to track down Anna's murderer. He doesn't take to York that well.

Thomas MacLaine[]

The other deputy sheriff of Greenvale. Thomas is rather weak-willed and often becomes stressed under pressure, but still does a good job as a deputy sheriff. During the day, he works at the sheriff's department. At night, he tends bar in his sister's club, the Galaxy of Terror.

His cooking is to die for.


Anna Graham[]

The murder victim that brings York to Greenvale. Anna had big dreams of eventually leaving the town and becoming a model and worked at the A&G Diner part-time to save money for it.

Becky Ames[]

Anna's best friend. Her death caused Becky to sequester herself in her own home. She eventually becomes the second victim.

Brian The Insomniac[]

A pale man with eyebags. He's the caretaker of the local graveyard. He supposedly never sleeps, which is why he is called the Insomniac.

Carol MacLaine[]

Thomas' sister. She owns the Galaxy of Terror bar and sings in it, while her brother bartends for her. Carol becomes another victim.

Diane Ames[]

Becky's older sister. She's the owner of Muses' Art Gallery and is infamous among the women of the town because she is known to be rather open with her love and legs.

Diane becomes the third victim.

Fiona 'Freckles'[]

The freckled, redheaded receptionist of Greenvale General Hospital. She has a crush on Dr. Ushah.

Forrest Kaysen[]

A traveling sapling salesman. He frequently stops in Greenvale and spends some time there, usually with Diane. Forrest is generally seen with a sapling in his hand and followed by his loyal dog, Willie.

Gina 'Rosy Lips'[]

Jack's wife, who helps run the Heaven 'n' Hell Gas Station. She flirts with anything in pants.

Harry Stewart[]

A mysterious capitalist and the richest man in Greenvale. He owns most of the land. Harry is bound to a wheelchair and wears a gas mask at all times, using his assistant, Michael, to talk for him.

Isaach & Isaiah Ingram[]

Twin boys of Keith and Lilly Ingram. They often spend time with their grandfather, Jim, or playing with Kaysen's dog. They were the first to find Anna's body.

For some reason, York sees them as angels in his dreams.

Jack 'The Raging Bull'[]

Gina's husband and owner of the Heaven 'n' Hell Gas Station. He hates cops but loves their money.

Jim Green[]

The park ranger of Greenvale Forest Park. He's the grandfather of Isaach and Isaiah, who adore him.

Keith Ingram[]

The owner of the Milk Barn and father of Isaach and Isaiah. He's a huge rocker fan and calls his guitar his second-most prized possession in the world - next to his family.

Lilly Ingram[]

Keith's wife and mother of Isaach and Isaiah. She works in the Milk Barn with Keith and is much more organized than him.

Lysander 'The General'[]

A Vietnam veteran that owns the local junkyard. He sells cars to York and can fix his own car up if he gets paid for it.

Michael Tillotson[]

Mr. John Doe Troper. He is my - that is to say, Mr. Stewart's - mysterious aide. When it comes to his work, he certainly makes his grade. So says Mr. Stewart.

Nick Cormack[]

The chef and owner of the A & G Diner, married to Olivia. He's blunt and short with words but is an amazing cook. He often goes drinking in the bar, chatting with Diane.

Olivia Cormack[]

Nick's wife. She works at the A & G Diner as a waitress.

Polly Oxford[]

The owner of the Great Deer Yard Hotel. She's a widow and loves to talk about the town and its people. However, she's a bit hard of hearing at times.

Quint Dunn[]

Becky's boyfriend. He's a motorcycle enthusiast and works at his father's bar, the SWERY '65.

Richard Dunn[]

Quint's father and owner of the SWERY '65 bar. He's a master at darts.

Sallie Graham[]

Anna's mother. After losing her husband in an accident years ago, Anna was the only thing that still kept her going. With Anna's death, Sallie rarely leaves the house.


A crazy old lady that roams the streets of Greenvale, giving her the name 'Roaming' Sigourney. She always carries a pot around and is concerned with it going cold.

Ushah Johnson[]

He's the doctor at the General Hospital and a huge chess fan.

Wesley the Gunsmith[]

The local gunsmith and owner of the gun store 'Panda Bear'. He's a card collector.

Enemies and Bosses (Massive Spoilers!)[]


The inhabitants of the Red World that are a constant source of trouble for York during his investigations. Most of them stumble around and garble in low voices while trying to attack.

A second variation is called Crawling Shadow, which clings to walls and tries to grab York.

The Raincoat Killer[]

A mysterious killer from Greenvale folklore, who is said to appear whenever it rains. He is believed to be behind the current killings and was responsible for a large part of the massacre of Greenvale in the '50s.

Other Killer[]

Thomas MacLaine[]

Thomas disappears late into the game and comes under suspicion of being the actual serial killer. Slowly losing his mind because of the witnessed murders, Thomas knocks York out in his apartment and locks him up in the Clock Tower. Eventually, Emily confronts Thomas in the Clock Tower and fights him.

The New Raincoat Killer (George Woodman)[]

The 'New' Raincoat Killer, as Harry dubs him, and the one behind the current murders of women in Greenvale. It turns out that it is actually George Woodman beneath the coat. Following a rumor that having the killer and victim eat red seeds while committing murder would cause the killer to become immortal, George killed Anna and the others.

The Mastermind[]

Forrest Kaysen[]

Forrest is actually the man behind George's killings. Having started a rumor that killing someone while ingesting red seeds would make the murderer immortal, he drove George down the bloody path of becoming the New Raincoat Killer.

Forrest is actually a resident of the Red World and was not just part of the Greenvale massacre in the '50s, but also played a role in the tragedy of Zach's mother's death and father's suicide. He was also the one to attack Zach, leaving him with a large scar and traumatizing him enough to create the 'York' personality.

Framing Device Characters[]

Louise Morgan & Grandpa Zach Morgan[]

Two new characters that appeared in the Director's Cut as a new Framing Device. The little girl asks her grandfather for a story, who tells the events of Greenvale to her.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise[]


Aaliyah Davis[]

The playable character for the 2019 segments. An FBI agent from Louisiana out to investigate an old case regarding the murder of a teenage girl.

Simon Jones[]

The Suspect[]


Melvin Woods[]

The sheriff of Le Carré and Patti's stepfather.

Patricia Woods[]

A little girl who forces York to sign a contract with her.

Candy Woods[]

Patti's sicky mother and Melvin's wife.

David Jawara[]

The hotel owner, chef, and staff person.

Alexus Jawara[]

The proprietor of the local diner and bowling alley.

Avery Smith[]

Lena Dauman[]

Chuck Thompson[]

Mrs. Carpenter[]

A longtime patron of the bowling alley.

The Mirror[]

The administrator of Erzulie Freda.

Raven Yahoo[]

Tyrone Sanders[]

The town minister.

Emma Sanders[]

The Clarkson's[]

PJ Clarkson[]

The patriarch of the Clarkson family, who runs the town with an iron fist.

Galena Clarkson[]

Lise's mother and Daniel's wife.

Lise Clarkson[]

The teenage granddaughter of PJ Clarkson, whose murder kicks off the 2005 portion.

Daniel Clarkson[]

The father of Lise, who married into the Clarkson family.

Leonard Clarkson[]

The prodigal child of PJ Clarkson. For more information, see Lena Dauman.

Supernatural Entities (Massive Spoilers!)[]

Red Shadows[]


The True Mastermind[]

Forrest Kaysen[]


Main Characters[]

David Young[]

The protagonist of D4. David was once a narc for the Boston Police Department but quit the force after his wife ("Little" Peggy Young) was murdered in front of him. He has no memory of the incident except for Peggy's last words: "Look for D". He has the power to revisit the past using special items called "mementos", allowing him to inspect crime scenes before they happen and solve cases that would otherwise be unsolvable. His goal is to change history by finding a memento that will let him meet Peggy and save her life.

Season 1 reveals that David had been working undercover at the time of Peggy's murder, having successfully infiltrated a drug ring linked to the distributor of "Real Blood".

"Little" Peggy Young (nee Oldmann)[]

David's late wife. She was murdered two years previously, found in their bathroom with all of the blood drained from her body. Her autopsy revealed trace elements of a compound similar to that of "Real Blood", but she ultimately tested negative for the drug. She suffered from an unspecified illness that caused her to bleed uncontrollably and had begun to relapse just before her murder. She was also pregnant with David's child at the time.

Forrest "Teddy" Kaysen[]

David's former partner at the BPD, who often comes by his place to help him in his investigations as well as to have a meal. He is heavily involved in the BPD's investigation into "Real Blood". Unknown to David, he has been secretly meeting with Dr. August Oldmann, one of Peggy's adopted fathers.


A freeloader in David's house who occasionally does the shopping around the place. Although she appears to the audience as a human woman, she acts like a cat, and all the characters in-game treat her as if she was one. She also acts as the in-game shop.

Season 1[]

Antonio "Rabbit" Zapatero[]

A courier for the drug "Real Blood". He asks the DEA to be brought into protective custody in exchange for offering information on his supplier, a mysterious drug lord whose name begins with a "D".

Olivia Jones[]

A stewardess aboard the flight carrying Zapatero. She has an uncanny resemblance to the late Peggy Young. In Episode 2, it is revealed that she actually an undercover DEA operative.

Roland Walken[]

A mysterious figure in a white lab coat. He is incredibly tall and speaks verrrrrrrrrrrry slooooooooowly.

Derek Buchanan[]

The US Marshal in charge of transporting Zapatero. He seems to have a grudge against David. He lost his wife and daughter to a "Real Blood" incident and has been feverishly pursuing "Real Blood" cases ever since. When lightning strikes the aircraft, he uses the confusion to take Zapatero into the lower decks and torture him for information on "D". However, he is impaled by an electrical wire controlled by DELTA and killed.

Deborah Anderson[]

A rather paranoid and obsessive-compulsive passenger aboard the plane.

Duncan (& Sukey)[]

A camp fashion designer who is never seen without his beloved, a mannequin named Sukey.

Phillip Cheney[]

A steward on the plane. He has a habit of using an inhaler to calm his nerves and maintain his professional demeanor. In Episode 2, it is revealed that he is an undercover DEA agent working alongside Olivia. However, he goes rogue and uses Real Blood to unleash his true identity: DELTA, a superpowered killer with the ability to generate and control electricity at will.

Dr. August Oldmann[]

One of Peggy Young's two foster fathers. A mysterious man who was the first person on the scene of Peggy's murder. He has been secretly meeting with Forrest Kaysen.