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Spoiler warning: Plot details follow.

SWERY Locations[]

  • SWERY has his own trading card, No.65 "SWERY", found in the secret room in the Special option at the main menu.
  • Richard's bar is named after SWERY - SWERY 65' - whom he says is a close friend he met in Seattle. It is also on Richard's license plate.
  • Some of the TV programs show a man skydiving. This man is SWERY himself.
  • There is a poster in the Greenvale Sheriff's Department that shows SWERY with a police dog.


  • The victims' names begin the alphabet: Anna, Becky, Carol, Diane, and Emily. The rest of the characters in the game comprise the rest of the alphabet with their names (Anna, Becky, Carol, Diane, Emily, Forrest, George, Harry, Isaac and Isaaiah, Jim, Keith, Lily, Michael, Nick, Olivia, Polly, Quint, Richard, Sigourney, Thomas, Ushah, Valentine, Willie, Xander, York and Zach)
  • You can figure out who is directly related to the case by paying attention to the red trees. Both George's house and the Greenvale Sheriff's Department have red trees in front of them, Kaysen is always carrying a red sapling around, and York played a red tree in a school play when he was younger.
  • The other major characters are all shown in the game's introduction as well. Becky is shown with the locket, Diane is staring at the red tree sculpture in her gallery, Carol and Thomas are looking dejected at the bar, George and Emily are standing around the tree, and the Ingram twins and Jim are the first to find Anna. The only major character not shown is Harry, although Anna's mother, Sallie, makes an appearance.

Unlocking the Secret Room[]

On the table in the Red Room, accessible in the Special option on the main screen after completing the game, there is a note that reads:

TV - 35
JB - 14
TC - 26
PT - 2-03

This is the order needed in order to unlock the ??? secret door. The player needs to watch cutscene No.35 "Epilogue" on the Television, play song No.14 "MISS STILETTO HELLS FULL VERSION" on the Juke Box, look at trading card No.26 "Polly Oxford" in the Trading Card album, and look at photo No.03 "Nature #03" in the second album of the Coverage Photo under the deer head - all in that order.

Going in the secret door the first time will reveal York with the final trading card, No.65 "SWERY"; the second time will reveal York and Emily smiling happily together.

End Spoilers.

License Plates[]

Other license plates will read 115CHIM, 12KO819, CAR9WAN, MOD1230 and YAM1114.

Name Vehicle Plate Number Meaning
Carol MacLaine Machina IR8SNGR Irate Singer
Diane Ames Carmen GT GA0F6EQ Gallery of Sexy Queen
Emily Wyatt Tough Chap ILUVMOV I Love Movies
Fiona "Freckles" Station Wagon CHIPS4U Chips For You
Forrest Kaysen Woodland RED2REE Red Tree
George Woodman Elephant T-3 HESTHE1 He's The One
Harry Stewart Victoria 2D-AYAGN To Die Again
Keith Ingram Rockabilly 58' 1E6SALE 1 Million Sales
Lilly Ingram Jogcargo SPERMOM Super Mom
Michael Tillotson Limousine PENANCE Penance
Nick Cormack SR Sportwagon GR8COOK Great Cook
Olivia Cormack Red Car T8KITEZ Take It Easy
Quint Dunn Wave R2000 LVB4EVR Love Becky Forever
Richard Dunn S33 Condor SWERY65 SWERY 65'
Thomas MacLaine AppleStar TA2LUVG Tattoo Love G
Ushah Johnson Mezger C600 KQB8NRP King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn
Francis York Morgan York's Car YZ1DRFL York and Zach are Wonderful
Patrol Car Cruiser SPYFCTN Spy Fiction
Patrol Car SUV VIDGMES Video Games