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Emily Wyatt
Emily Wyatt
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Emily Wyatt is the leading lady of Deadly Premonition and has been described as the sparkling jewel of Greenvale.

She is the first local resident that Agent Francis York Morgan introduces himself to. Although she takes a disliking to him at first due to his lone-wolf attitude and tendency to bring up gory prior cases, she begins to respect his judgment as the story progresses. She is a tough, yet considerate police officer, and although she has few close friends, she remains very friendly with almost everyone in town. Unlike most of the other characters, Emily was not born in Greenvale and instead hails from Seattle. She is a terrible cook and prefers steak above all other foods.


Emily grew up in Seattle, where her father was a stockbroker. He seemed to care more for his investments than his family, and she was much closer with her mother. The family moved to Greenvale 10 years ago while Emily was still in high school. She was ostracized due to her manner of dress, which was more appropriate for a city like Seattle and shocked the more conservative townsfolk. That year, she was asked out by the then 32-year-old George Woodman. She declined his advancement but, unbeknownst to her, she continued to be the object of his obsession.

Soon after the move, Emily's mother died of cancer. She entrusted Emily with a gold leaf-shaped necklace before her death. Emily's father is alive during the events of Deadly Premonition, but Emily reveals that their relationship is still strained and distant.


During the course of the game, Emily accompanies York on all of his various investigations. She and York get to know each other on a more personal level during regular lunches and car rides. Eventually, the two spend an evening in York's hotel room, which is mostly spent satisfying some of her curiosity about his headmate Zach.

When York goes missing, Emily is first to investigate the Clock Tower in a playable segment. It is there she has a gunfight with her coworker (and presumed friend) Thomas MacLaine, who has revealed himself to be both a cross-dresser and George's lover. He is attempting to go against George's direct orders and kill Emily, due in part to both a mental breakdown and an inferiority complex instilled in him since he was groomed by George in High School. Despite believing at this point that Thomas is the killer, Emily attempts to talk him down while avoiding the attacks. This fails when Forrest Kaysen's dog Willie bites and severely wounds Thomas, who then steps off the tower to his death.

Afterwards, she reveals to a dying Carol MacLaine that she believes she is responsible for what happed to Thomas. Carol flies into a rage and shoves red seeds into Emily's mouth, causing an overdose. She is left alone with Kaysen, who plants a soul-consuming sapling in her womb. Zach, now in control of his body, attempts to shoot her to prevent the sapling from growing, but ultimately cannot bring himself to. Emily is able to gather her strength and tear the sapling out her own stomach, destroying it, but causing her to bleed out. She dies in Zach's arms, confessing with her last words that that she loves him. Zach entrusts her soul to York before finally confronting Kaysen.

York and Emily are later seen in the Rainy Woods, along with all of the other girls who were victims of George.


  • During her gameplay segment, Emily can run indefinitely without causing the Pulse Meter to rise. While this might be done to lower the difficulty in playing as her, there is also another story-related reason. Unlike York, Emily doesn't smoke and therefore won't have any difficulty running for an extended period of time.


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