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Deadly Premonition's charm partly comes from its awareness and discussion of 1970's, 80's and 90's cinema.

Films Mentioned in Deadly Premonition[]

This is a list of films mentioned in the game:

Films Alluded to in Deadly Premonition[]

Spoiler warning: Plot details follow.
  • When Francis York Morgan is being driven back to the hotel after defeating Forrest Kaysen, he apparently sees Emily Wyatt, he tells the driver to stop and investigates. This is similar to the ending of Batman Returns where Bruce Wayne seems to see Catwoman and gets out of the car to look for her.
  • When York looks at a photo of the town's founding in the Great Deer Yard Hotel, he sees Kaysen in the crowd and realizes Kaysen was alive and looked the same back then. This is similar to a scene in 12 Monkeys where Dr. Kathryn Railly sees James Cole in a photo from the second World War. It is also similar to the ending of The Shining, where it is revealed that Jack was alive in 1921.
  • When York is in George's basement, he discovers the body of George's dead mother. This is similar to a scene in the film "Psycho" (1960), when Lila discovers the remains of Norman's dead mother in the basement.
End Spoilers.