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Lysander, voiced by Roger Jackson.

General Lysander is the owner of Lysander's Junkyard. He is a Vietnam War veteran. He frequently treats York like a soldier and loves to tell him war stories.

Lysander was born and raised in Greenvale and returned after the Vietnam war. Although he calls himself a general, he wears a sergeant's uniform out of respect for a fellow soldier who died during the war.

He will offer three side quests to increase the speed and gas mileage for any vehicle that can be driven by York. After completing the side quest Benjamin Franklin, the York's Car side quest will open up. For a fee of $5000, Lysander will fix York's car that he originally drove while coming to Greenvale.


  • The name 'Lysander' is also the name of a character in SWERY's game Spy Fiction. That man was also a general.

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