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George Woodman
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Spoiler warning: Plot details follow.

The "monarch" of Greenvale, as York describes him, seems outwardly to be an old-school cop who believes in similarly old-fashioned methods. Throughout the game, George provides a more stern and traditional foil to York's more eccentric practices. In actuality, George reveals himself towards the end of the game to be a manipulative and corrupt megalomaniac who wishes to become a God.


George was raised alone by an abusive mother after being abandoned by his father, Harry Stewart. She would often whip him with the thin branches of the trees in their back yard and step on his face with sharp heeled shoes. His back and face are scarred from this form of punishment. He took away a survival-of-the-fittest message from this and began to believe that only the strong are worthy of living.

George's seeming dedication and resolve earned him the respect of his entire community, and he became an unofficial "leader" of Greenvale once he rose to the role of sheriff. Sometime before he was 32, George began a relationship with the underage and closeted Thomas MacLaine, who he groomed into worshipping him. When 16-year-old Emily Wyatt came to town, he attempted to ask her out and was rejected. This sparked a lifelong obsession with her, and he began taking photos of her in secret and stealing her discarded items. At some point after George began a relationship with Thomas's sister Carol MacLaine, the siblings built a secret room beneath their bar for him. Throughout the game, he will occasionally take either Thomas or Carol into the basement and sleep with them.

George, an avid hunter, discovered that the deer in the area take several more shots to kill than normal. He attributed to the red seeds that they were consuming and began testing their effects on his lovers. When Thomas discovered files pertaining to an immortality ritual involving the seeds, George took the information seriously. He was further influenced by red tree salesman Forrest Kaysen, who claimed that George was "destined" to become a God. George began planning to do so by murdering four women in a ritualistic fashion. He drew several young girls around town, including Thomas and Carol, into a sexually sadistic cult, and began picking them off one by one. Although he tearfully begged for repentance after his first murder, that of Anna Graham, he quickly grew jaded.

Understandably, considering his plans, George was hostile towards York when he first arrived in town. After the murder of Diane Aimes, his strategy changed, and he began to prey on York's sympathetic nature by revealing his childhood trauma and attempting to form a friendship.


George attempts to put on the guise of a rule-following man with a secret compassionate side. He also fixates on authority, going out of his way to show off his strength and skills. He adorns his office with trophies, which York believes is a way of showing off. In private, George is a sexual sadist who drugs and beats his lovers. He likely does not have any real interest in any of the girls in the cult and instead simply enjoys the power the interactions give him. He is a master of manipulation, who succeeds in fooling the entire town (including York for a time) with his lawful persona. George also believes that he is inherently better and stronger than others and, when that delusion is shattered during the final fight, he breaks down and begins pleading in a childlike manner.


  • George keeps his mother's corpse in his basement, which may be a reference to Psycho
  • George's scar darkens and becomes more prominent with each murder.
  • George's barbells are most likely named after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.


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