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York examines Anna along with Emily and George.

Hours of Operation[]

09:00 A.M. - 21:00 P.M.

About the Greenvale General Hospital[]

The Greenvale General Hospital is the town's only medical facility and is run by Dr. Ushah Johnson. It is located at the northeast-most part of town, at the end of Muffler Road.

The hospital is made up of two floors and is mostly accessible to Francis York Morgan throughout the game. Ushah can be found in various rooms at any given point, but Fiona, the receptionist, is always at the nurse’s station.

This is one of the first locations York visits in the game, as Ushah is responsible for Anna Graham's autopsy and the building is located near the hotel. The hospital also has an Other World portion that can be revisited by entering the blue cylinder outside of the building. In addition, York can talk to Fiona for medical kits, and to both her and Ushah for Side Missions.