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Agent York can utilize a wide variety of items in the game. They range from status boosters to important keys to quest trinkets. They can be accessed through the pause menu under the same icon as York's weapons. Items can also be strored in the Toolbox for later use.

Status Boosters[]

These types of items will restore York's vitals, including hunger and sleep levels

  • Food items like salmon, canned pickles, lollipops and country ham will fill the hunger meter. The amounts vary depending on the food. They can be purchased or picked up around town and in the Otherworld.
  • Drinks like coffee and soda will restore hunger and fill the sleep meter. Depending on how strong the drink is, it will also keep the sleep meter from dropping for a period of time. They can be purchased (specialty drinks can be found in the two bars) or found in town and the Otherworld.
  • First-Aid kits and Stabilizer restore York's health and breathing meters. The kits will replace health amounts depending on their size, but stabilizer only comes in one amount. They can be bought or found in town and the Otherworld.
  • Two items - Thomas's Biscuit and Emily's Bagel - affect all status meters. Thomas's item will restore everything while Emily's item will make them fluctuate and eventually drop.


York will use several different types of keys throughout the game.

  • The Master Key is the first key York receives. This allows him to drive any of the police cars in Greenvale.
  • Squirrel keys are scattered throughout the police station and are used twice during the game to unlock a certain room.

Quest Items[]

When certain conditions are met, York will be able to help the citizens of Greenvale with certain quests. Some items can even be kept to use later.

  • Maps are available from Keith in the Milk Barn. Each one fulfills a certain quest and rewards York with better weaponry, but the challenges can be difficult.
  • Several pictures can be found and exchanged for trading cards during quests.
  • One quest will allow you to either complete another quest or keep the item as a weapon - Keith's beloved Grecotch guitar.
  • Other items include a bird statue, bones, an engagement ring and a prom dress.

Miscellaneous Items[]

York will come across all kinds of strange and rare trinkets during his murder investigation.

  • Two quests will net York bags that allow him to carry more items and weapons.
  • York can purchase a fishing rod and bait to catch fish (status boosters), weapons, healing items, or trading cards. One of the two rods available is necessary to progress the storyline.
  • York can obtain a weather doll that restores his health depending on the doll's weather setting and the current weather conditions.
  • Completing one quest will give York a radio, which will allow him to warp to any location he's visited during the game.