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Jim Green is the forest keeper of Greenvale and the father of Lilly Ingram. He discovers the body of Anna in the woods with his grandchildren, Isaach and Isaiah Ingram. Although helpful, Jim is very wary of Agent York early on because he comes from the city, fearing that he will corrupt his naive grandkids. He doesn't like Forrest Kaysen, since no one in the town really knows him, and is afraid of leaving him alone with the twins.


Jim Green, voiced by Gary S. Martinez.

Jim is an avid fisherman and will give York tips on how to catch fish and various items, and he will even give York a sturdy fishing rod for the Tabatha sidequest.


  • Because his house is also a place of business, York can enter Jim's cabin at most points during the day.
  • He bears a resemblence in personality and appearence to the character Pete from Twin Peaks. Like Pete he finds the first murder victim.

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