Keith Ingram
Keith at the town meeting.
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Keith Ingram is the owner of the Milk Barn convenience store. He runs the store with his wife Lilly Ingram and is the father of the twins Isaach and Isaiah Ingram.

He frequently listens to rock 'n roll and there are music flyers posted all over the store. During conversations with York, he will either snap his fingers or play air guitar to whatever tune is in his head. At home, he will sit in his armchair and mumble, "Rock 'n roll, dude," to himself. He is much more laid back than his wife, and seems to be the less responsible one of the two. Keith's store list is never as complete as his wife's, and his music often gets him in trouble, but it's clear he is adored by his family and patrons.

Keith is also knowledgable of local legends and, for a price, he will give York maps to the locations of various weapon upgrades, complete with a dramatic retelling of the stories. His "second most prized possession" is his guitar Grecotch, which is the strongest melee weapon in the game.

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