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Michael is Harry Stewart's aide and caretaker. A polite and well mannered young man, he stands out among the townsfolk for his good looks and calm nature. In addition to watching over Harry, he also acts as his interpreter, as the gas mask Harry wears makes it difficult for him to speak. Michael always relays information from Harry in the form of rhymes. He often speaks this way when addressing Agent Francis York Morgan on his own.

After the tragedy in Greenvale, he stays in the mansion with Harry to help rebuild the town. Through Michael's side quest, it is revealed that Michael is Harry's adopted son. Now that Greenvale is in need of rebuilding, Harry thinks it best to drop the act the two had going and to instead work together as a family if they want to truly help Greenvale. 


  • If you enter Harry Stewart's mansion while he and Michael are inside (before the main story line forces the player to go there), you can find the two of them in the main room. Michael will be stretching Harry's legs out and the two of them will be talking to each other. Michael will admonish the player for interrupting Harry's therapy if you try and talk to him.
  • Michael's side quest is the last one to complete in the game and is only offered after the main story line has been completed.
  • Michael is the only character in the game who always calls York by his full name. He is also the first character to call Zach by his full name when he appears.
  • During the scene where York must enter the clock tower without killing the townsfolk, Michael can be seen in the middle with a Katana. This is odd, considering that he lives with Harry and would know about the purple gas and its effects on people.
  • Michael is also a smoker. A pack of cigarettes and an ash tray are visible on his night stand.
  • Since Harry adopted Michael as his son, this technically makes him and George brothers. Though this relationship is never really touched on in the game.

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