Deadly Premonition Wiki

York standing in front of the Milk Barn.

Hours of Operation[]

08:00 A.M. - 20:00 P.M. Closed during the rain.
(There is a sign on the front door that says the store is now open at 06:00 A.M. This is not true.)

About the Milk Barn[]

The Milk Barn is a convenience store owned and operated by Keith and Lilly Ingram. It is located in the western part of town on the corner of Tree Street and January Way.

Like the diner, this store serves as a bit of a hub in town. Many of Greenvale's citizens show up there at various times, and both Keith and Lilly are excellent sources of information about the town’s doings. Both Ingrams have lists of items for purchase, from bait to ammunition to food. Keith also possesses three maps that lead to special locations in town where Francis York Morgan can pick up infinite weapons.

The Milk Barn is also the location of several Side Missions, which offer things like discounts at the store.