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Lumber Mill

A derelict lumbermill that was once the heart of the town, it has long since been left abandoned. It was the location of the first murder.


Moyer's Lumbermill was established prior to the founding of Greenvale by Harry Stewart's father. At the time of its operation, the village had a substantially larger population than it does during the events of the game. By the time York arrives, the lumbermill is seemingly abandoned.

During his investigation into the murder of Anna Graham, York is led here by a wood chip with rusted metal dust found at the crime scene. Leaving George and Emily outside, the agent ventures into the lumbermill alone. It is here that York discovers an altar where Anna was murdered in some form of ritual. As the FBI agent descends deeper into the mill, he endures multiple encounters with the Raincoat Killer himself.

These encounters are what lead York to look deeper into the legend of the Raincoat Killer, and afterwards he requests a town meeting at the Community Theatre.