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Olivia Cormack, voiced by Michele Johnston.

Olivia Cormack is Nick's wife and a waitress at the A&G Diner.

In contrast to her husband, she is kind and very helpful to the investigation. She appears uncomfortable and quiet at times and doesn't seem to have a close relationship with any other women in town. She often works late and closes up the diner every night. Despite the difficulties with her relationship with Nick, she is very devoted to her husband. 


Spoiler warning: Plot details follow.

Olivia and Nick are both treated as suspects during the initial course of the investigation. York is interested in any information they may have, as Anna Graham worked as a waitress at the diner. Olivia offers few clues that may help the investigation, most notably that Anna always seemed to be tired and unfocused when she came into work after a rainy day. 

As the game progresses, it's revealed that Nick had quite an extensive relationship with Diane Ames, the owner of the art gallery. Nick would often leave Olivia at the diner to close up while he went for drinks with Diane at the Galaxy of Terror. She blames herself for not better understanding art, and does not get involved at first. Eventually, the situation gets the better of her, and Olivia decides to confront Diane and goes to the art gallery herself. She ultimately decides against this when she arrives, however, but bumps into York while she is trying to leave. She tries her best to evade his questions and hastily leaves the gallery, dropping a key and a note on the floor.

York later asks Olivia about her suspicious behavior at the gallery when he visits her at the diner. Olivia cracks under the pressure and agrees to talk with him. She asks York to come back later after the diner is closed so she can talk in privacy away from Nick. This is when she explains why she was at the gallery and confides in York her suspicions that Nick and Diane may be involved in the murders. 

While Nick is in jail, the player can deliver letters between the couple. Nick expresses guilt for spending so much time with Diane and not paying attention to Olivia. She will write a letter back to Nick, apologizing and vowing that she will wait for his name to be cleared and for him to come home. Olivia stays at home during Nick's incarceration due to the diner being closed, and is very withdrawn and depressed.  

After Nick's release, he and Olivia go back to the diner and continue on as normal. The couple vow to "start over" and renew their relationship after this. If the player visits the A&G diner after the main story has been finished, Olivia will note that they cleaned the diner together as part of this fresh new start.

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  • After Nick is arrested, the player can catch Olivia doing laps around her living room at home. She will even stop and touch her wedding photo, and seems so distressed that she will walk right up to the window and not notice York's face.
  • Her trading card states that Olivia had a bit of a dark past. However, nothing comes up during the game to explain it. *Swery answered to this question in an AMA on 2018/04/19: "So many people ask me that question about Olivia. "Her shadowy past" is a lost in translation bit. What I originally wrote was that she normally acts very cheerful, but sometimes she becomes very negative. The Japanese is 影がある。 But Nick supports her." [1]
  • Nick and Olivia sleep in seperate bedrooms, even after his name is cleared.

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