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Phillip Cheney
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Phillip Cheney is an undercover agent and the fourth 'D' suspect.


Nothing much is known about Phillip before the events of the game happened. In Episode 2, Olivia Jones tries to send a distress call to Phillip and calls him DELTA before calling him, Agent Cheney. It shows that Phillip probably works as an undercover agent together with Olivia.

In Episode 1, he was seen as an Access Gate Airways flight attendant. He seems to know David even though David had no memory of their first meeting. In Episode 2, he was seen once again at the end of the game but appears as Super-Powered Killer, "DELTA".


Phillip is a superficially polite person but always looks down on his passengers. Whenever he gets irritated, he pulls out an inhaler even though he doesn't have any signs of asthma. There could be a possibility that Phillip might have two different personalities since Phillip was most likely his good side while DELTA was his evil side.


Phillip has fair skin, short, neatly combed blonde hair, and light blue eyes. He has a muscular type body and appears to be taller than David. During the flight, he wore the official uniform for Access Gates Airways: a black vest with a white buttoned-up short-sleeve collared shirt inside, a pair of matching black pants and black shoes. He also wears a black glove on his right hand only and an expensive watch on the same hand as the glove. Around his neck, he wore an ID tag.

In his DELTA form, he has messy, dark orange hair, white face with two red markings across his face. He wears a pair of sunglasses with one of the lens fell off due to David accidentally smashed the lavatory door shut after being electrocuted. His suit is purple and wears a vest carrying two large cylindrical jars containing red liquid. There are several bottles seen attached on both of his upper arm and the back. His gloves can emit out electrical current, a strong or weak one, by recharging it to any electrical source.


  • If Phillip works with Olivia in the same agent company, it is unsure why did he hurt his partner when he appeared as DELTA at the end of the game.