Deadly Premonition Wiki

Profiling is a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to put clues together and recreate events that happened previously.

Agent York is considered to be a master at profiling, as was his father Xander. He walks into a room, surveys the scene, and uses random things in the environment to deduce what happened prior. Sometimes he only requires a few clues; other times he needs four or more. He nearly always profiles in the Otherworld, and the few exceptions are present early in the game.

The profiling mechanic is only available right before an action sequence. The player will be prompted to start the profile, during which a series of fuzzy images flash with a clicking sound and occasional background noises or voices. As York picks up clues, some of the images will become clearer. Once all of the clues have been collected, York will automatically complete his profiling and the previous events will be made clear. The sequences can be skipped until all the clues are collected as well, although a monetary bonus is given for viewing them each time.

All of the profiling segments and keyflags (clues) that have been seen are available in the pause menu. The segments are represented by video tapes and the keyflags are in one of the folders.