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York, George and Emily drive to Greenvale Forest Park, the place where Anna's body was found. They meet up with Jim Green, the park warden, and his grandsons, Isaach and Isaiah Ingram. Jim asks to speak away from the twins, but York insists on speaking with them. He ignores resistance from the other adults and asks the boys to describe what they found.

They talk about Anna as if she were a goddess, detailing her dress, her hair and the multitude of animals that gathered around her body. York tells them that she has indeed become a goddess and lets Emily take them.

After the interview, York turns his attention to the tree where Anna’s body was. He profiles the area and gathers a few clues to figure out what happened there. George tries his hand at profiling and suggests that the killer abused Anna’s body after he hung it. York comes up with a different theory, suggesting that the killer prayed to Anna’s body after hanging it. He also states that a third party in stiletto heels ran away from the crime scene during or after the body disposal.

York and George begin to come up with suspects for the third party. York then asks about a piece of rusted metal that he found to lead them to their next location. George and Emily point him towards the old lumber mill. With a new destination in mind, the group continue on their investigation.