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Shadow Gurl

York takes aim at a shadow.

A dead body “possessed” by an evil spirit that Agent York encounters in the Greenvale Other World. They crawl from purple oil slicks on the ground and on the walls. They seem slow but can move quickly to York after they spot him. Since Shadows are blind it is possible to sneak by them unharmed if York holds his breath. This will fail however if York’s been spotted and in the middle of getting attacked. When Shadows are close enough they will grab York and attempt to crawl inside his mouth which kills him instantly.


The most common enemies are Shadows. They are frequently preceded by purple fog and York telling Zach, "They're here." These enemies are tougher than the average human, able to take multiple rounds without being slowed down, but their overall slow speed allows York to take care of them before they ever get close. Shadows will also sometimes bend over backward as they move towards York, allowing him to get easier headshots when locked on. They can wield various types of weapons, such as steel pipes, guns, crowbars, etc. In addition, unarmed Shadows will thrust their arms down York's throat and crawl inside of him, resulting in instant death. Shadows can spawn from open sores in walls and floors and can be extremely effective in great numbers at close distances.

For the most part, Shadows just wander aimlessly through the area. Some female Shadows sound as though as they are crying and moaning; the male Shadows often mumble. Once the player has been seen or has shined his/her flashlight towards one, the Shadow will cry out "I saw you" or "I see you". Once York holds his breath or moves out of range, they cry out "Where are you?" or "Can't see..." If a Shadow still has a lock on York, they can teleport closer in a blurred motion to catch him off guard, sometimes crying out "I don't want to die" before or during the teleport. If the player has put a lot of rounds into a Shadow, it will cry out "'Make me die". Sometimes they will say things which may suggest the Shadows are not comprehending what they are even doing, such as "Why?", or "What did I do?"

According to their trading card, Shadows are corpses that have been possessed by evil spirits, and it's possible the corpses are the victims of the original Raincoat Killer. During the Raincoat Killer segments, the people under the control of the purple fog can be seen wearing the same clothes as the Shadows.


They are weak against fire and if they are already ablaze from walking through a ring of fire you just need to shoot them once and they will die instantly. If you shoot an exploding barrel near a large cluster and they will all catch fire and quickly die.

When using a firearms aim for the Shadow’s head. Multiple blows there will hinder their progress towards York and make grabbing him impossible.

Melee weapons are really effective as well but it’s easier for groups to overwhelm you since you can’t keep at a distance while attacking.