Deadly Premonition Wiki

Sheriff's office[]

Agent York finds a police cruiser waiting for him in the parking lot along with a key and instructions to head to the police station. Once inside, he meets George's effeminate assistant Thomas MacLaine. Thomas greets him and tells him that he is preparing the files for the meeting, but he has lost the key to the cabinet where they are being kept. Thomas wanders off to find the key while York looks around.

In the basement where the cells are located, York spots a key on the floor with a squirrel on the holder. He takes it back to Thomas, who gleefully accepts it and retrieves the necessary files.

York, Emily and Thomas go over the case files in the meeting room. Emily gives some details about the murder victim, Anna Graham, and what she was doing before her death. York starts putting some of the pieces of the mystery together. He suddenly becomes distracted by the biscuit in front of him and changes the subject to Thomas and his cooking abilities. George interrupts the conversation with news that Anna’s body is ready for autopsy. George, Emily and York decide to go to the hospital while Thomas stays behind.