Was KF really destroyed?[edit source]

The article states that Zack manages to destroy KF. He does not destroy the puppet, only stepping on it. Later, there is a scene where Zack crosses a bridge and Willie follows him with the puppet in his mouth - at the same time, a jolly bee spreading the pollen flies past Zack.

I personally belief that Zack did destroy KF's manifestation, but not the being itself. 14:54, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Rapist[edit source]

Isn't it implied that the 'seed' that grew from the woman's bellies when they die are literally Kayson's 'seed'? It is already insinuated that Kayson raped Emily, and so comsidering that the profiling showed the girls saying things akin to "No im not into that" demonstrates that something sexual was occuring. Kayson shot his load (so to speak) into these women and that causes the trees to sprout from them.

Interestingly, he goes to rape Diane, starting off smoooth (hence thr kiss mark on him) but before he could get his seed in her, Nick showed. And so the Raincoat Killer went ahead with Diane before Kayson could rape her.

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