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Voice Actor[]

I'm a huge Thief fanboy, so I think it would be awesome if York were voice by Stephen Russell, but is there any proof of this? As far as I can tell he's voiced by one "Jeff Kramer" which may be a pseudonym for either Pete Capella or Steve Kramer. 01:03, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

You're completely right actually. I trust Giant Bomb for the most part, and they have an almost full roster it looks like. Lord Zymeth 09:07, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

The FBI (may contain spoilers for those who haven't finished)[]

There has been something bothering me since I finished playing. The Zach = York revelation means he wasn't talking to anyone on a headset. If he really is in the FBI, woundn't they be able to figure out that hes not who he says? So wouldn't they tell him to stop messing around with the York thing? Is he even with them? And wouldn't there have been some point in his life for which he needed proof of birth? Grassrunnerdaugher 04:12, January 9, 2011 (UTC)

  • Until the revelation the player sees the game through the eyes of York because York is in control of Zach's body ever since the day Zach's parents died. I think it's save to assume that FYM introduces himself as "Francis Zach Morgan" and he only thinks he said "Francis York Morgan". The same way FYM imagines himself having brown hair and no scar, while he in reallity has white hair and a huge scar in his face. Also the name on his badge, ID and birth certificate is most likely Francis Zach Morgan. As a result of his trauma Zach created the personality of York to protect himself from the truth. This self defense mechanism distorts Zach perception of reallity until he doesn't need York anymore and regains control.
    There are multiple clues for this in the game:
    - After the revelation every inhabitant of the town instantly recognises FYM as Zach.
    - There are several references to the scar in Zach's face. FYM always wonders why people make such a big deal out of his small scar on the cheek when they actually reference the big scar.
    - In one cutscene Harry Stewart says something along the lines of "you must be younger than you look", referencing Zach's white hair. York again is puzzled because in this own mind he has brown hair.
    - Also Zach is most likely in the FBI. In the beginning George says he spoke with York/Zach's superior at the FBI.
    Sir Casm 22:10, January 15, 2011 (UTC)