Deadly Premonition Wiki

A dead body “possessed” by an evil spirit that Agent York encounters in the Greenvale Other World. They crawl from air vents and will block him from continuing forward until they are defeated. They are much stronger than normal Shadows and are only vulnerable to attack while the creature is briefly visible. Depending on your difficulty level these shadows can take quite a bit of time to defeat.


Crawling Shadows only appear in Other World Hallways and with their appearance red vines grow and block your escape both directions.

Run past the creature so she will gear up her glowing grab attack and become visible. Do a quick 180 turn and shoot/hit her. She will fall to the floor and become invisible once again and quickly dodge her energy ball attack. Rinse and repeat.

I find that the BEST weapon is The Legendary Guitar Grecotch that you receive after completing 3 part-time jobs for Lilly (Side Quests No. 18-20). Lilly gives you a key to a closet in their garage as a reward and you will find this weapon in that locked closet (Side-Quest No. 21). When you use the guitar it will only take 1-2 hits to kill a crawling shadow!