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Thomas MacLaine
Thomas salutes York in the sheriff's office.
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Thomas MacLaine is the Sheriff's assistant at the Greenvale Sheriff's Department, obediently fulfilling any tasks that the Sheriff George Woodman has for him. Other characters consistently remark that he seems ill-suited to do police work, as he often appears timid and unsure of himself. Notably, he gains significant confidence when presenting as a woman towards the end of the game. He spends his evenings working as a bartender and cook at the Galaxy of Terror, which is owned by his younger sister, Carol MacLaine. His busy schedule frequently causes him to doze off during work hours.


Thomas was raised in Greenvale by his mother, a former Chicago singer, who originally owned the Galaxy of Terror. His father was likely not in the picture as, once his mother passed away, Thomas was left to raise Carol on his own.

At some point before Emily Wyatt came to town, an underage Thomas fell in love with George Woodman and they began a relationship. He got a tattoo on his shoulder with the words "Love G" inscribed in a heart, and began referring to George as his "lovely G." After Emily rejected George, he began comparing the two women to the point of using Thomas (and later his sister Carol) as "substitutes." As a result, Thomas began to resent Emily for coming between him and his lover.

After graduating, Thomas briefly ran the Galaxy of Terror. 4-5 years prior to the events of the game, he began to work as the sheriff's assistant, organizing files and taking care of the paperwork. He quickly established himself as a skilled cook, and prepared meals for himself and the other staff members during lunch hours. During his time at the station, Thomas discovered files detailing an immortality ritual involving the red seeds and passed them along to George. This sparked the sheriff's desire to become a God. At some point after George began dating Thomas's sister Carol, the siblings built a secret room beneath their bar for George. Throughout the game, he will occasionally take either Thomas or Carol into the basement and sleep with them. Around this time, Thomas began to dress as a woman when in private.

Despite his involvement with the killings, he took a liking to Francis York Morgan and helped him out on several occasions. He also proved to have a good relationship with his sister, comforting her during a breakdown in the basement of the Galaxy of Terror. Around the time of Anna Graham's death, George began to plan for Thomas to take the fall for his crimes. This is set into motion when Diane Ames is killed, and Thomas disappears for a period of time while his lover plants evidence to implicate him. Against George's orders, he captures York to keep him out of harm's way and attempts to kill Emily as revenge for his years of neglect. Although Emily tries to talk Thomas down, a gunfight ensues. The player assumes the role of Emily during this boss battle sequence. Willie eventually leaps at Thomas's arm, causing him to accidentally fling a knife into his own chest. He stumbles off the platform and is speared by a dangling hook. It is unclear if his fall is unintentional or a suicide.


  • Thomas's biscuit is the best healing item in the game.
  • If you peer through Thomas' window at his apartment, you can sometimes see him dancing. You can also sometimes see Carol, as both are connected by a door near the kitchen areas.
  • Thomas and Carol will give you a trading card of the other if you complete a Side Mission for them.
  • If you visit the Galaxy of Terror before following Nick Cormack on the night of Diane's murder, Thomas will reprimand you for showing up at the location. He will still make you a drink if you ask, however.
  • Thomas hates dogs, as shown on his trading card. This could potentially be foreshadowing to the fact that he is killed by one.

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