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A gameplay mechanic in Deadly Premonition is the Trading Card collectables. There are a large number of , all of which have special information about the residents and objects of Greenvale.

Trading Card List[]

No. Card Name Location
1 York1 Francis York Morgan (Trading Card) Red Room during the Prologue.
2 YorkChild2 Young Francis Given by Harry after completing Side-Quest #22.
3 Anna3 Anna Graham (Trading Card) In the bird's nest near Anna's tree (must be shot down).
4 Becky4 Becky Ames (Trading Card) Fishing Spot behind Becky's house (Pink Prenesnt Icon).
5 Diane5 Diane Ames (Trading Card) Given by Diane after completing Quest 2: Guardian of the Art Gallery.
6 Carol6 Carol MacLaine (Trading Card) Given by Thomas after completing quest 9: unwanted customer.
7 George7 George Woodman (Trading Card) On George's back porch.
8 Emily8 Emily Wyatt (Trading Card) In Emily's Bedroom on her dresser.
9 Thomas9 Thomas MacLaine (Trading Card) Given by Carol after completing Quest 12: Someone In the Forest and Quest 3: Memories of Anna.
10 Ushah10 Ushah Johnson (Trading Card) Given by Fiona after completing quest 32: Medical studies.
11 Forrest11 Forrest Kaysen (Trading Card) Behind the Hotel.
12 Isaach12 Isaach Ingram (Trading Card) At fishing Spot closest to Ingram's house (Pink Present Icon).
13 Isaiah13 Isaiah Ingram (Trading Card) Fishing spot under June Bridge.
14 AngelIsaach14 Angel Isaach In the Red Room Infront of York after the player gains control.
15 AngelIsaiah15 Angel Isaiah Inside the white room in the begining of chapter 14 in the dresser (North Door then East Door[s]).
16 Jim16 Jim Green (Trading Card) Closest fishing spot to the Rest Cabin near the tree of Anna. Same Fishing Spot to complete quest 13: Legendary Tabatha.
17 Keith17 Keith Ingram (Trading Card) Next to the basketball hoop at the school (must complete race to remove the gate blocking the card).
18 Lilly18 Lilly Ingram (Trading Card) Next to Book Mountain Bank (Near police department).
19 Harry19 Harry Stewart (Trading Card) At the Lumbermill fishing spot closest to the rest cabin (Pink prenet Icon).
20 Michael20 Michael Tillotson (Trading Card) In the parking lot of forest past tree of Anna.
21 Nick21 Nick Cormack (Trading Card) Behind the Muse Gallery (can only be reached during or after chapter 12).
22 Olivia22 Olivia Cormack (Trading Card) Near the Darius Inc. G.V Electrical Substation, behind the barrels (Must shoot barrels to reach the card).
23 Sallie23 Sallie Graham (Trading Card) Inside of of the lumbermill yards (must complete race to remove fence blocking the yard).
24 Quint24 Quint Dunn (Trading Card) Receive second place in darts game at SWERY 65.
25 Richard25 Richard Dunn (Trading Card) Receive third place in darts game at SWERY 65.
26 Polly26 Polly Oxford (Trading Card) At any of the fishing spots behind the hotel (pink present icon).
27 Xander27 Brian Xander Morgan (Trading Card) Along the forest path during young York's portions of chapter 21.
28 Valentine28 Valentine Morgan (Trading Card) Behind young York during his portion of chapter 24.
29 Fiona29 Fiona "Freckles" (Trading Card) At the fishing spot on Muffler Road (Between Hospital and Hotel).
30 Gina30 Gina the Rose (Trading Card) Behind the pipes at the construction site (near sprite Avenue).
31 Jack31 Jack the Raging Bull (Trading card) Near the Ingram's house.
32 Wesley32 Wesley (Trading Card) Given by Wesley after completing quest 35: Beginner Collector.
33 Lysander33 General Lysander (Trading Card) Inside the junk yard (left side).
34 Sigourney34 Sigourney (Trading Card) Given by Sigourney after completeing quest 44: Cold pot 1.
35 Brian35 Brian the Insomniac (Trading Card) Inside the bird's nest near the hospital basketball court (must be shot down).
36 Willie36 Willie (Trading Card) Given by the Ingram twins after completing quest 12: someone in the forest and speaking to them.
37 RK37 Raincoat Killer Inside the Otherworld lumbermill during the replay (must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
38 Shadow38 Shadow Inside the Otherworld wood path during a replay (must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow). This is the first Otherworld section played in the game.
39 ArmedShadow39 Armed Shadow Inside the Otherworld Hospital during the replay (Must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
40 CrawlShadow40 Crawling Shadow Inside the Otherworld Art Gallery during the replay (Must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
41 MadDog41 Mad Wild Dog Inside the Otherworld Community Center during the replay (must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
42 MadBird42 Mad Wild Bird Inside the Otherworld for Becky's house during the replay (must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
43 Coffee43 Coffee Inside the A&G Diner.
44 Turkey44 Turkey Sandwich Inside the police station (Open the fridge in the kitchen).
45 Cigs45 Cigarette Inside the well on the White Spruce Farm (can only be collected when it's raining).
46 RedTree46 Red Tree Inside the Otherwold at Harry's mansion during the replay (must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
47 PeaceSign47 Reversed Peace Sign Inside the Otherworld police station during the replay (Must enter portal marked by a purple arrow).
48 RedSeeds48 Red Seeds Inside the Otherworld Galaxy of Terror during the replay (Must enter the portal marked by a purple arrow).
49 Weights49 Arnold and Sylvester Given by George after completing Side-Quest #22.
50 LiquidFood50 Liquified Food Given by Michael after completing Quest 23: Incomplete Treasure.
51 Pot51 Sigourney's Pot Given by Sigourney after completing Quest 45: Cold Pot 2.
52 Waste52 Industrial Waste Given by Emily after completing Quest 7: Another Nice Try Cooking.
53 Sponge53 Gina's Sponge Outside of the Heaven and Hell gas station.
54 AnnaDress54 Anna's Dress The dress that Sally is looking for. Anna used to wear it before she was murdered.
55 YorkCar55 York's Car Inside the junk yard (right side).
56 RecordPlayer56 Record Player Behind the Galaxy of Terror (at the top of the steps).
57 Biscuit57 Thomas' Biscuit Inside the cabinet in Thomas' apartment.
58 Grecotch58 Grecotch Behind the counter of the Milk Barn.
59 PotatoChips59 Ushah's Potato Chips Given by Ushah after completing Quest 10: Periodic Riddle.
60 Pepper60 Polly's Pepper Given by Polly after completing Quest 31: The Beauty.
61 BikeTank61 Quint's Bike Tank Inside Quint's trailer.
62 DeerHead62 Stuffed Deer Inside the bathroom of George's house.
63 Seedling63 Kaysen's Seeding Inside the hotel greenhouse (will not appear until after Kaysen shows up).
64 DinerMenu64 A&G Diner Menu Inside the A&G Diner.
65 Swery65 SWERY Unlocked after completing the game and clicking on "Special" in the Start menu. The player must view video 35 (epilogue) in the TV section, listen to song 14 (Miss Stiletto Heels Full Version) in the Juke Box section, view card 26 (Polly Oxford) in the Trading Cards section and view picture 3 in collection 2 in the Collection section in that order. Then the player must enter the ??? door and go through the white room doors until York appears. He will hand Zach the SWERY card.

Trading Card Rewards[]

Wesley the Gunsmith offers rewards for trading card collections, as he's more interested in cards than guns. Those rewards are:

  • Trading Card 32: Wesley the Gunsmith (8 cards)
  • Panda Bear Discount Card (16 cards)
  • Suit "Passion Red" (32 cards)
  • Suit "Dancing All Night" (48 cards)
  • Light Sword - Infinite (64 cards)