Deadly Premonition Wiki

this blog is basicly what im writing on for the wiki which i wont do till i get philnelson responds back so this blog is just me taking notes while playing for later if he allows me to help.

i started off a bit late but i will build it backwards though also thispage is filled with spoilers so beware also note that i keep mispelling georges name

  1. episode 2 chapter 13 after dianes death geoarge askes york for a drink during this, george explains his abusive childhood which explains the scars on georges back. He also feels at fault for both becky and dianes death. york confronts carol and reports the death of diane and becky to her he also asked about the locket which she took from diane. she dodges the question by going to her singing performance for the galaxy of terror bar. afterwards emily comes to the the bar as soon as this happens george excuses himself from the group. with george gone emily and york talk about how george asked her out in high school. she also talked about emilys distant father and her loveing mother who died of cancer before he graduated high school.
  2. episode concluesion will write later
  3. york and zach go over the chat with george afterwards emily comes knocking on his hotel door and they talk about yorks father and that he was the first to use criminal profileing and how when he was 7 that he found his mother crying and went to check it out only to find he's father holding a gun up to her mother and ten telling york this " At times we must purge things from this world that shouldnt exist iven if it means loseing someing you love. for a funny moment emily asked about zach. also after emily leaves the hotel it shows a cutscean of carol crying in the arms of a male figure dressed in wemens colthing with a picture of the raincoat killer with the girls that that seem to look like diane becky and anna
  4. episode 3 chapter 14 that morning york has a coffee prediction to go see harry when leaveing to go outside emily tells york that missing
  5. york then heads to harrys only to find him self stuck in a puzzle that requres the right placement of umbrellas which is 3,5,6