Deadly Premonition Wiki

Weapons in Deadly Premonition come in two forms: melee weapons, and firearms. Some weapons have special versions with either infinite durability or infinite ammo. Special weapons are indicated with a bold name.


Weapon Reach Strength Speed Durability Location
Mission Knife Short Low Fast High In inventory from start of game.
Steel Pipe Long Medium Medium Low Otherworld
Bar Medium Low Medium Medium Otherworld
Shovel Long High Medium Medium Otherworld
Golf Club Long High Medium Low Otherworld
Sickle Short Low Fast Medium Purchased from Lilly at Milk Barn.
Saber Long Medium Slow Medium Panda Bear
Sword Long High Slow Medium Panda Bear
Axe Long High Very Slow
Legendary Guitar Grecotch Long Super High Slow Infinite The Legendary Guitar
Wrench Short Medium Fast Infinite Delivery Man Q
Light Sword Long High Slow Infinite Top Collector
Infinite Axe Long High Very Slow Infinite Sheriff's Office Otherworld (replay)
Grass Cutter Long High Infinite Community Center Otherworld (replay)
Chain Saw Long High Very Slow Infinite Harry's Mansion Otherworld (replay)


Weapon Rounds Damage Location Other Information
9mm Handgun FBI Custom 16 Low In inventory from start of game. Infinite ammo. Cannot be stored or thrown away.
9mm Handgun Sheriff Custom 19 Medium During and after playing as Emily. Pistol used by police in Greenvale.
Dart Gun 3 None Purchased from Richard Dunn at SWERY 65'. Infinite ammo. Required to play darts. Darts act like bullets but do (almost) no damage.
10mm Submachine Gun 180 Very Low Panda Bear Deals small amounts of damage at a time but the rapid fire rate makes this gun decently powerful.
12Ga Shotgun CQB 7 High Muses Gallery Otherworld Damage is high at close range but decreases rapidly as distance to target increases.
.357 Magnum 6 Very High Panda Bear Damage that also decreases with distance, but not as severely as shotgun.
Assault Rifle 60 Panda Bear Rapid fire rate.
Infinite Ammo SMG 360 Very Low Map to Psychic Spot A
Infinite Ammo Shotgun 6 High Map to Psychic Spot B
RPG 3 Very High Map to Psychic Spot C
Infinite Ammo Assault Rifle 120 Galaxy of Terror Otherworld (replay)
Infinte Ammo Magnum 4 Very High Snack for Willie
Wesley Special 100 (gas canisters) N/A Ghost House Treasure Very short range, but anything hit by this weapon will take continuous damage.