Deadly Premonition Wiki

These are some of the things we're lacking on the Deadly Premonition Wiki. If you have them, please feel free to add them![]

  1. Images of the various enemies, gameplay footage, Greenvale locations, etc. for the photo galleries.
  2. A page on the man behind the game, Swery.
  3. Additional items (suits, food, cars, etc.). An Items category page has been set up.
  4. We have a page on the films mentioned in the game, but nothing on the music. If someone is willing to takle this, we would be eternally grateful!
  5. Summaries of the chapters and episodes. Episode 1 is done, but the others haven't been written yet.
  6. Greenvale locations - businesses, houses and other locations that show up on the map but can't be visited.

This is not necessarily a complete list, so if you would like to add something that is not here then please do so. Just remember to keep them reasonable![]

  • Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise
  • Audio tracks for the Deadly Premonition Soundtrack